Video tour with Geya and Cafi through Berlin's most remarkable tourist sights

After graduating in The Netherlands I moved to Berlin in September 2013 to work for streetfootbalworld . For me Berlin is the perfect place to live. The city was divided, therefore it is not build around one single center, but has many local centres with different culture. You can never get bored in Berlin, which is providing you endless opportunities to work, do sports, party all night out, rise kids in a clean and safe city, meet people from around the world and the best bonus is that the costs of living are much lower than in other cosmo cities in Europe. During my time I had guests visiting almost every weekend. Here you can see the walk we had with my friend Cafi around the most famous sights in Berlin.

Promo video for Slokoski matreshka chair

Matreshka Light Chair is designed by the brothers Georgi and Petar Slokoski – an architect and an artist.
Director: Martin Zahariev-Mais
Hair: Emil Ivanov
Make up: Gergana Pashtrapanska

With the people is a short movie filmed in Borisova garden as a course project in cinematography

Author: Pavel Pavlov
feat. Evgeny Gentchev

First date make up is part of three advertorials for AVON Cosmetics

Cameraman: Vasil Germanov
Postproduction: White Place Studio 

TV commercial for the German hypermarket chain offering home Praktiker

- The water at my place has stopped. Can I take a shower at yours?

Advertising agency: Ogylvy
Producer: Chuchkov Brothers
Director: Petko Spasov

Promo video for Blueroom - Water and boardsports magazine

Cameraman: Borislav Kamilov

Music video for dj Suat Ateşdağlı feat Atlas - My love

Director: Salih Singin
Production: Production Istanbul
Art Director: Cihat Büyüköner

TV commercial for Multirama shops

Director: Dimitar Kotzev - Shosho
First AD: Magdalena Ilieva
Producer: Le Spot Productions

Atakan Ilgazdağ music video

Director: Ceyda Sarıhan

United Bulgarian Bank TV commercial

Director: Ivaylo Seferov
Copyright: New Moment

Nestlé Bulgaria TV commercial

Director: Stoyan Radev
Producer: Apriori Production House

Ibudolor painkiller TV commercial

Production: NoName studio
Advertising agency: The smarts
Client: Actavis

Aditya Birla Group India corporate commercial

Producer: OMG Entertainment
Director: Daniel Pront
Secont director: Bianca Baroni

Gang Increadible India photosession backstage

Cameraman: Viktor Ivanov
Hair &Make up: Branko Andreev

Zagorka beer TV commercial

Producer: SIA Ltd.

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