This is a blog about modeling and travelling.
My active years of modeling were between the first and third year of my Bachelor. I asses it as valuable period, which helped me foster some assets useful for a lifetime. After entering the adventure of traveling and living alone in Asia I had become courageous and self-assured. 8000km away from home you know that you are the only person you can rely on, and cannot afford unsolvable situations. Everything is just a matter of your own attitude and action.
I have had a desire for exploring since my childhood. So, when in my early 20s Bulgaria become toŠ¾ well-known for me I decided that it’s time to look at the whole world. I used the opportunities that modeling gives you for a long term travels in a fashion centers in Asia, which otherwise are unaffordable for a student. Travelling is much more than just changing your location and environment. On the road what changes the most is you. As many young people I was passionate to change the world, now I am wise and I am changing myself. Living in China, Thailand and Turkey in my yearly 20s was a milestone for widening my mindset. I learned not to judge. Rather try to understand why something is perceived as right or wrong and to get the positive side of it.

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