Blueroom Girls pictures

I just can't accept that the summer is over, so mid September is just the right moment to share some summer stuff.
Photographer: Borislav Kamilov


Alexander said...

We all remember the wonderful summer and can't wait for the next one :)
Yor pictures are a good reminder of the summer.
Have you ever surfed?

Alexander said...

Were these photos taken on the Bulgarian seaside?

mravkataz said...

:-) Well I'm more than happy, if those photos made u think about the last hot days.
I had in Turkey, wind surf, i haven;t tried hawaii actually....

Btw. from were u appear, cuz the blog is having, a huge trafic from The States these days- isd there something with u??

Alexander said...

Hi :)
Yes, these pictures remind me of the hot summer, and I'd be very glad if my comment made you smile :)
I have never surfed, but I'd love to do it... in Hawaii :) I'd love to visit this place, it's sooo beautiful. So you haven't been there? I think that you'll visit it some day, from what I read in your blog you love travelling ;)
I'm actually Bulgarian and I'm a fan of you, I saw your photos some time ago and since then I've been regularly checking your blog. I decided to write in English because you also write mostly in English and it will be more understandable for your international readers.
I'd love to see more of your photos :)

Pretty Girls said...

Really great hot summer vocation :) i love that type of images. thanks for sharing